The mission of Through the Game of Golf, Inc. is to empower, encourage, and financially support underprivileged youth in our local communities within the state of Florida. Our intention is to provide financial assistance to those youth who are furthering their education beyond high school. We will use the love and integrity of the game of golf to empower and teach them sportsmanship, discipline, and dedication that will follow them through life while leaving them with an enjoyable and growing experience.


Through the Game of Golf, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization created to help underprivileged youth achieve academic, social, and economic success by providing scholarships and remaining engaged in their education and teaching them the practical skills necessary to excel. The organization operates all the facets of the TTGOG events in order to meet its mission.

Board of Directors

Terence X. Hart – President

Michael Lugrand – Vice President/Chaplain

Andrea Watson – Secretary

Ayana Hart – Treasurer

Norm Major – Board Member

Kerry Blackshear – Board Member

Doug Thomas – Board Member